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Our wine cellar is a treasure trove of award-winning wines by winemaker Zia Fox. We offer a boutique selection of wine from our private cellar, to drink now or to lay down and age in the bottle.

These wines are sure to impress at any table! All of our wines are made in small quantities and we are very careful in how they are stored and aged to ensure their quality is fully maintained. We pride ourselves on our unique wines that are the result of terroir-driven winemaking. Our wines are made with the finest grapes that are true to their origin and flavour profiles.

We invite you to explore our hand-crafted selection of extraordinary Blue Crane Vineyards Wines.

Previous awards include:
Veritas Gold, Veritas Silver; Winemakers Choice Diamond Award; Winemakers Choice Trophy Award – Red Wine; Michelangelo Gold; Michelangelo Silver; and Platter’s Wine Guide 4 Stars.

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Milani means “grow together” in Zulu and is a symbol of the South African spirit of embracing diversity, culture, and optimism. Prince Kaybee and Blue Crane Vineyards offer this spirit in these proudly South African-produced wines that are a collaboration of hope, future, and collective growth.

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