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Our high-quality cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is hand-harvested and hand-sorted. During filtering, our oil is monitored and carefully handled to maintain its healing properties. Very limited quantities are harvested from our boutique farm.

Highly recommended for its health benefits, olive oil is high in monosaturated fatty acids, has a high burning point for cooking, and is excellent on salads and with all dishes requiring high-quality cooking oil.

Olive oil contains antioxidants that are known to be able to fight serious diseases, and are biologically active in assisting health and recovery. Our oil is carefully monitored and heat-controlled during the pressing process to retain as many antioxidants as possible.

2016 Silver SA Olive Award
Marco Zinchella Best Delicate Oil 2016

100% Cold Extracted Extra Virgin Olive Oil
No Preservatives Added

Cultivars: Frontoio,  Mission, Coratina, Noccelara, Koreneiki, Maurino, Arbequina, Kalamata 
Our Oil blend: Frontoio, Mission and Coratina

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