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Situated in the magnificent, and highly sought after region of Tulbagh, Blue Crane Vineyards is one of the hidden gems that we are thrilled to introduce to our private clients. It is a magnificent location with stunning views of the Witzenberg, Winterhoek and Saronsberg mountains. Fred and Manuela Crabbia purchased the vineyards in 2008, after falling in love with the majestic mountain ranges, and recognising the excellent potential of the terroir. The estate is named after the national bird, after two were spotted nesting near the vineyards. Taking advantage of the unique diversity of the land, the Crabbia family have created a small range of superb terroir driven wines, of which exceptional smoothness is a hallmark.

Wild Olive Farming

Hand-sorting berries

Selective hand-harvesting

Our Wines and Olives

Zia Pienaar, the farm’s winemaker, together with Chris Fox, the farm manager, has excelled in making award-winning wines, all from our own vineyards.
New plans and developments have occurred at the farm, including the building of a paved road, planning, and planting of more vines and indigenous trees, and greater moves towards developing the farm’s biodiversity and compliance with improving the natural ecology of the area.
The farm prides itself in the excellent potential of the terroir and unique flair of the wines and awaits the new styles of wine that its new winemaker will produce. In 2012 we pressed our first olives which got the acclaimed ‘Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ status.

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